What is Karaton?

Karaton is an adventure game, where kids explore, discover and build in a fantasy world. Through different scientific exercises, the children learn to read letter, words, sentences. It is the perfect balance between fun and exercising. As the youth is more and more digitally present why not their exercises, with the fun and action of other videogames.

Why is Karaton so ideal?

The Platfrom, an all in one solution to learn how to read

-Learn to read letters
-Learn to read words
-Learn to read sentences
-Toggle on and of the reading you need
-Add your own words to the Karaton Academy
-Better statistics of the daily progress


Download our Karaton Adventure Book



Karaton: the enlightment of the mind of a dyslexic child.


According to the united states National Institutes of Health, dyslexia affects 15% of America's school children. Some studies even suggest that number can increase to 1 in 5 children. That is about 65 million Americans. READ MORE