Karaton: the enlightment of the mind of a dyslexic child.


According to the united states National Institutes of Health, dyslexia affects 15% of America's school children. Some studies even suggest that number can increase to 1 in 5 children. That is about 65 million Americans. All in all, it is a number that cannot be neglected. So, don’t assume your child can’t be affected in anyway by a learning disability because they are as common as child obesity (6-19 years).


For example, if you suspect that your child has a reading disability, don't ignore it. Pick up the signs and encourage your child and yourself to work on it. Always act in the best interest of your child. 

The question parents often come across is “what do we need to do?”. Well the answer is quite simple. Your child needs to read a lot, often under supervision by a parent or a professional to make sure the read words are right. But what are kids really interested in? What really grabs their attention? Probably not boring reading exercises. The contemporary youth is drawn to the screen, playing games, chatting with friends, ... Many parents see this as a waste of time but what if we tell you it doesn’t have to be? What if a game can enhance a child’s reading capabilities? 

With Karaton, you can change that gaming time and fill it with a useful goal, namely enhancing reading skills. Having fun whilst improving those skills is the perfect balance between exercising and gaming. Testimonials from parents say the game is quite addictive to the children, which means they play more and make more exercises than with classic exercises. They even ask if they can make more exercises.  

Now, what is Karaton? It’s an adventure game in which the player tries to rebuild a magical universe where all knowledge got lost. Together with Pok, the player’s sidekick and guide to the many islands it contains, you complete fun missions that feel like those out of other popular games, except they’re carefully packed with academically backed reading exercises.

As Franceschini et al. (2013), scientist at the university of Padau, suggested action videogames make children read better. The speed at which a child could read is increased without losing any accuracy. In 2017, Vasalou, Khaled, Holmes, and Gooch, scientists in education and computer science, found that drill and practice games can particularly benefit skills development for certain types of learners such as children with dyslexia. Karaton is the perfect example. 

Karaton is an open world game where the player can let his/her imagination flow. 

Collecting new objects to build a personal paradise, means completing more mini games and thus making more exercises. It’s an immersive experience, which provides the type of engagement needed to learn and improve on the player’s reading skills.

The days of parents or professionals worrying about kids learning nothing from video games is over. Thanks to our external follow up program, you can easily track your child’s progress and customize exercises where needed. 

Kids adapt to new technology way faster than ever before. Letting them have the freedom to learn how they want to learn and bringing education to their favorite platform, is what Karaton is all about.